I have a GW8.0.2 PO running on a OES2sp3 (64bit) server.
Server is a VM, 4GB mem, 2 vCPU.

Last week I ran a routinely gwckeck, I ran the Linux version trough X (tunneled over SSH) on a Windows 7 workstation.
For some reason my X server crashed on the Windows workstation during the gwcheck.

I had to delete the gwcheck.db file to get gwcheck working again.
Everything seems fine, but after the crash some users with very large po-boxes started to complain tha tsearching was slower than before.

If I check the HTTP console for the POA I see the C/S Handler Threads busy with the user who is doing the search.
If I check the server it is really busy with disk I/O (high wait state).

I ran a number of gwchecks, but there don't seem to be any issues.

I'll reboot the server on Saturday and put /qflevel=999 on the POA and see if that helps

I assume there is something wrong with the quickfinder.

Any other suggestions of things I can try to get it fast again?