Maybe someone at Novell is reading these posts ....

Sorry guys but this SP is not your best effort - fortunately, these are
just findings from my test system

Where to start ....

1. Get numerous C00F (password passed in open call does not match
errors on various users (on this system all 5 users show this system

Full Top down re-build does not help

Re-starting the POA seems to fix it for a day

2.GW Install does not recognize NWC mapped drives on Windows 7 - have
to map the drives using NET USE .... and CIFS

3. POA stop responding to external POP login requests via GWIA ... have
to re-start POA

4. POA does not process system maintenance jobs - re-sending the
request just generates a Duplicate request message
Deleting the NGWcheck.db does not help

System Info

NW 6.5 SP8 with patches
GW 8.03
Windows 7 SP3 with NWC 2 SP2 IR3