OK, I think I'm missing something in the docs somewhere. I've done a few transfer ID migrations already that have went fairly smooth. This is the first that has required DNS to transfer as well and I'm missing something. I've got the new server installed with its temp name and IP. I've got the pre-migration pattern installed with all the services I want, including DNS. On the list of services I want to transfer, DNS is not listed.
In the docs, it alludes to doing the migration in the Java console. Does this mean there's no actual transfer in the miggui? The docs mention using the move button in the java console, that would imply that I've got both the old and new DNS servers in the console. Do I configure and fire up the new one before the actual transfer? Does it then keep the temp name like DHCP does?
Just looking for some clarification, this DNS ip is hardcoded in many many machines around our network. Just wanna make sure to prevent a nasty outage. I very well might be making much more of it than the process is.