After installation of 11.2 adaptive agent, on reboot, workstations don't connect to network. If Novell ZESM NDIS 5.1 Firewall is unchecked in NIC adapter properties, then they connect. However, it gets re-checked after restart.

After updating the primary zone server to 11.2.1 monthly update (which was supposed to fix problems not cause more!) and rebooting, server can't connect to network. Booted into Safe Mode and unchecked ZESM NDIS 5.1 Firewall, now communicating okay.

There isn't a way to stop the adaptive agent install from adding the firewall. We aren't licensed for Endpoint Security but I tried activating a 5 day trial and created a firewall policy to see if we could somehow control the ZESM NDIS 5.1 Firewall behavior. The firewall policy is applied but does not rectify problem.

We are stuck, should we roll back to 11.1? The whole reason we upgraded was to get rid of the Zen Adaptive Agent icon on the Windows 7 desktops.

Any suggestions?