I seem to be missing something, I can add the SMS Text Message phone number and even select the cell carrier but don't have the option to send a text through the Summary page in the address book. In fact, the summary page looks kinda-like plain jane. The various numbers are listed but not underlined or highlighted in anyway making them non-clickable. The address book summary page looks different from all of the help and tutorial files out there. The Contact, Details, Address, and Advance page all look correct. I've recopied the ofview files on the client and server thinking something was missing but no luck so far. (sending a message through email, xxxxxxxxxx@vtext.com for example works just fine)

Currently running SLES 11 - GroupWise 2012 that has been updated from an older GroupWise 6.5, then GroupWise 8. We do not currently use Messenger.