We have a SLES 10 SP3 (64 bit) server running OES 2 SP3 (sorry for posting here but at least other forum users here seem to use Arcserve) that I need to install the Arcserve R15 SP1 linux client on. I tried following the instructions for installing on Linux in CA doc TEC520753 and ran into endless file permission errors. I was able to install the client using the YAST software installer which was successfull in terms of our windows 2003 backup server being able to connect to the Linux box and backup files....however the server runs Papercut for managing our copiers and printers and this application completely stopped. The only way to get Papercut working again was to remove the client software and reboot the server.

Can anyone please advise whether doing the install though the Yast software installer could caused this issue, or how others have managed to get the client onto their servers successfully and if anyone has a similar config with Papercut and Arcserve client as well?