we are using ZCM 11.2.1 on SLES with two 2 primary servers and a remote
Sybase DB. We have several subadmins which are responsible for their
"own" Folders for Bundles, Devices and Policies. These guys aren't
Superadmins, they are working with assigned rights. They are using their
credentials from our AD-Usersource to login to ZCC.
When they are using ZCC, browsing in ZCC is very slow. E.g. browsing to
another folder or clicking on device details takes about 10-20 seconds.
It works much faster whith Superadmin rights (the superadmins are using
their AD-credentials, too). Our subadmins are a little bit frustated and
they don't really like to work with ZCC.
Is this an known issue and is it worth to open an SR?

Kind regards,