Hey guys,

Half our PC estate won't log in today, and i'm pulling my hair out trying to fault find it. Any PC which is a HP DC7700 running ZCM11 and sep12.1 is affected. DC7700's running ZCM10 are not affected. We have had problems before with Symantec Endpoint protection thinking the client install was a virus, and I was wondering if SEP is blocking something ZCM 11 is trying to do (maybe the zenworks endpoint security feature) that is causing it to reboot.

Its mad, if we uninstall SEP the PC's work, but similarly if we uninstall Zenworks 11, the PC's work. It seems to be a combination of SEP 12.1 and Zenworks 11, but only on a DC7700, the other half of our estate are DC7900's and they are all fine. The mental thing is, we have a few different builds of DC7700, and they are all affected, they run different versions of the various drivers depending on when they were built.

We haven't pushed out any updates via Zenworks or SEP except the usual virus definition updates.

The error logs don't show anything of any use.

We have had people logged in this morning working fine, then after about 2 hours, their machine will go into a reboot loop.

I know its a vary specific environment, I just wondered if anyone is having a similar issue today.