I have had this happen on 2-3 PC's at TWO different sites

Windows XP Client 4.91 SP5

Program allows chaning companies datafile ie. h:\company1 h:\company2

so when changing from company1 to company2 the user is getting data path not

at which point the same user can access h:\company2

Can verify that Network drive is mapped and can access folders on the server
including the folders in question

(other workstations continue to access without problems although on 1
occassion 2 user people lost connection to company 2)

Another instance - user has O: drive mapped to GWArchives and H:\ mapped to

both O and H drive were showing content of H drive !!!

both of these have happened several time and in case a REBOOT will sort this

Workstation Power management on network card is disabled

I'm not sure on ther server which is OES 11