Not sure if this is going to be the correct forum or if this should have gone into Imaging.

Each year I am required to re-image all student computers. Currently I am running a Sysprep deployment of Windows 7 which installs the OS fresh. The last stage of the sysprep is to install ZAA (11.2) on the laptop. I have on the Primary server a series of rules to place the workstation in the correct folder as well as associate the laptop with the correct group. All of this is working correctly.

A set of the laptops are 12th grade laptops that are reused for lower grades. I run a zisedit process before reimaging to clear SID as well as rename the computer ahead of time. I am finding that the bulk of these laptops are not starting the bundle deploy process associated to the workstation after the workstation is placed in the correct forlder and group. I can see that the bundles are associated to the workstation but no status is shown on the bundles. I have run a zac unr -f, cleared cache, and rebooted the workstation to try and force the workstation to start deployment. Nothing seems to be working.

Am I missing something in the process or am I having a larger problem with the server itself?

Thanks for the help.