Hi folks,

What is the consensus with regard to AFP?

I have two OES11 servers dedicated to file services. Clients connect with NCP Client and AFP. AFP clients are a mix of Snow Leopard and Lion.

There can be up to 800 devices accessing the file server.

We are a secondary educational facility and hence access tends to occur in a massive succession where an instructor will ask their 25 students to connect and copy down a pile of files. The AFP users are all connected via WiFi.

As they are mobile computers, users tend to close the lid on their computer and let it sleep with little regard to what their operating system is up to.

What I am getting at is that I have severe reliability concerns with AFP access. Almost every single day I need to restart the AFP daemon on the server. That is coupled with occasional instances where there is file saving weirdness and Office documents that are reported as being corrupt.

I don't really notice any telltale signs in the messages log. Everything that appears in there is considered to be 'normal'. I have ascertained that by reading the documentation and what other users report on these forums.

Are there any tips I should know about to tune AFP? I would really love for this to work reliably - users are getting so frustrated with it. I need to have something in place. I don't want the answer to be Windows servers but hey I know that is going to tick a few boxes.