we are using ZCM 11.2.1. I have a question about the registration of
In the past we installed the Inventory-only agent on several devices, so
they appeared in the folder "Devices", "Inventoried".
When we reinstall these devices with the "full" ZCM-Agent, the
registration rules do not seem to work. These devices are placed in the
"Workstations" folder, the rules are ignored. I've checked
"services-messages.log", there are entries like
"[DEBUG] [7/16/12 11:42:49 AM] [] [Registration Web Service] [2750] []
[Device 829fd0351391dc4da4af38440f5e45c1 renamed from azf-schnitt3 to
azf-4-01] [] []"
where "azf-schnitt3" was the old name of the Inventory-only-device. As i
understand ZCM doesn't use the registration rules when the device exists
in the "Inventoried" Folder. These devices are known by their MAC oder
Is it possible to use the registration rules without deleting the
inventoried devices from ZCC?
I couldn't find any information about this in the docs or the KB.

Kind regards,