I am using RSYNC between two OES 2 sp3 (x64) SLES 10.SP4 servers

The rsync command I am using is:

rsync -X -A --recursive --links --perms --times --group --owner --verbose
--one-file-system --compress --sparse --delete --progress --stats --
update --exclude-from=/media/nss/DATA/rsync/SENDEXCL.TXT /media/nss/DATA/
Users tbggranrsync::BUHHVIC_DATA

Most of the filesystem is transferred and kept in sync and the extended
attributes transfer ok

But there are a number of errors

Users/Mgriffith/Sync_data/My Documents/WA Accredition/2008 - 2009 CERTS
OF CURRENCY/Industrial Special Plant with Policy#: rsync_xal_set:
lsetxattr system.posix_acl_access failed: Permission denied

Has anyone seen anything like this ?

Thanks in advance

Mark Casey