Dear All
OS : Netware 6.5

I have COmpaq Proliant Server with COmpaq Smart Array 532 Raid Controller. There are 3 x Ultra320 SCSI drives in Raid 5 configuration.
One of the hard disks had failed. I replaced the hard disk and the Raid controller asked whether to recover the raid array by rebuilding the Array. I replied Yes and the rebuild was done. After rebuild it shows following partitions.
1. DOS partition which contains COmpaq System partition.
2. 2 x Netware partitions which 1 is the SYS partition and the other is Data partition.

After the array rebuilding, the server does not boot.

If you try to reinstall Netware , it detects that there netware partitions, which means that the SYs and the data partiions are intact. Only the DOS partition which contains Autoexec. BAT file with Cd C:\nwserver and Server command is missing.

I need to save the SYS and Data partition as there is no backup of this server available.

Request immediate guidance in recovering from this problem
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