We have an OES2 Linux server in a (very) small branch office. Each office is in the same tree, in its own OU directly under the O. We just changed the IP address of the server at the branch office, and need to set up DHCP and DNS for the new subnet. There is also an existing NetWare DHCP/DNS server in the OU of the main office, which will eventually have its services migrated to OES2 Linux.

My question is, can I delete the DHCP/DNS objects in the Branch OU and recreate them in a manner better suited to eventually having two OES Linux DHCP servers? I am considering deleting all the eDir objects in the Branch OU, and recreating the OES2 Linux Locator object in the O. Currently each OU has ALL of the DHCP/DNS objects for each subnet, one NetWare and one OES2 Linux. Am I on the right track, or am I about to place a bullet hole in my own foot?