Wondering if anyone else is experiencing this issue. We have a numerous amount of machines, different models, that are having issues during imaging. The error we get is, Error: Unable to read device GUID from ZISD. ZENworks registration failed. We are using ZCM 11.2 and the imaging files from MU1. The image is with Windows 7 32 and 64 bit machines. We are also using ENGL for our imaging. The first sign of an issue is in the first phase when we are prompted for a computer name again. Then when the machine tries to register with ZCM, we get the above error. When we look at ZISD, it is empty. I was told to look at the following document from Novell: Support | ZCM ZISEDIT fails to write to the hard drive on some hardware (HP Compaq DC7900 / Dell D600). Any thoughts on what is happening. This seems to be happening on a machine that was previously imaged and is now being re-imaged with the same name but an updated image. Thanks for any help.