I am running ZCM 11.2.1 with the Tuxera NTFS driver.

When imaging a brand new machine (HP EliteBook 8560p) with the Tuxera NTFS Driver, I immediately receive the following error message: "Encountered a bad control data during image restoration", and the last file displayed on the screen is "$Extend\$RmMetadata".

If I image the same machine with an image created using the legacyntfs driver, it works fine. Furthermore, if I image the new machine with the Tuxera driver AFTER having been imaged with the legacy driver, it works fine.

I have now narrowed it down to the Image Safe Data. If I run 'zisedit -c' to clear the ISD before I bring down the new Tuxera image down to the workstation, it works fine. So, it seems that either these machines are a problem becuase they (a) have no image safe data, or (b) have some data in the ISD area that the Tuxera driver does not understand.

Apparently the legacy driver can handle this issue, while the new Tuxera driver cannot.

Has anyone else seen this issue? Is this a bug with just this specific model? I wonder if this will happen if you buy a brand new blank hard drive and put it in a desktop?

It would be very nice if the error messages could be improved so that they would give some indication of what the actual problem is.