We’re looking for some advice or best practices on how to best use the distribution and launch schedules.

Our devices consist of about around 200 desktops and 100 notebooks. Most of those notebook users travel enough where they could be out of the office often and for a week or more at a time.

If we understand the distribution schedule correctly, this is when the content of the bundle is copied to the devices and the launch schedule is for processing the actual installation of the bundle.

Every bundle is bound to be different as to when it may need to be deployed to the devices, but we’ll use Adobe Flash Player for example. How often would you set this to be distributed to catch not only the desktops that are always on, but those notebooks that may or may not be in the office? Do you use two different assignments, desktops and notebooks, and then set the notebooks to a less frequent schedule? Is there a way to catch them as they come back from a trip such as using the “Process immediately if device unable to execute on schedule” option?

If the distribution schedule is set to say every Monday at 1am, the first time around it will copy down the bundle contents to the devices. Ignoring the launch/install parts for now, what happens the next Monday morning at 1am. Does ZEN copy down the bundle contents again to the device even though it may already be there in cache? Or does it verify the bundle contents against the repo and only copy down if it is incomplete?

Now about launching schedule… What seems to be the best time/way to launch/install the bundle? At boot, reoccurring? Basically the computers are restarted in the evening before the users go home. So essentially setting a bundle to go at boot would in theory happen when it wouldn’t interrupt the user (unless they rebooted in middle of the day, etc..). If set to reoccurring, it doesn’t install over again unless it feels the bundle is not complete?

We’ve thought about a common time to distribute bundles to the machines on a set schedule and then have the launch happen on boot. Does anyone see problems with this setup?

Say that same Adobe Flash bundle is set to distribute every two weeks. If a critical patch is released in between then, we could adjust the distribution and launch accordingly to get the patch out right away then change it back after to the normal schedule once fully deployed?

Any other advice would greatly be appreciated. ZEN is so flexible with so many options it is hard to know what ways work better than others.