Anyone else having nothing but problems installing Flash Player 11.3? The initial bundle I created wouldn't install. Upon testing the MSI installation, I attempted to install it just by running the MSI itself and I was prompted with a message stating I needed administrative privileges to install the product, which is bogus as I do indeed have local admin on this box. I managed to fix that by using the /a switch in the msiexec.exe command but cancelled the install so I could test Zenworks ability to install it.

With the /a switch, Zenworks did deploy the bundle and it is showing the application status as available but it's not working in IE or Firefox (both the ActiveX and plugin versions were deployed). On some pages with Flash content, I'm prompted to install the missing plugin. What? Why? I thought the MSI deployment had already done that! Has anyone had a successful deployment of this version of Flash and if so, what did you do?