ZCM win2k8 MSSQL 2k8 11.2.1 and latest agent.
I was reading that to speed up the login process it is better to use a
registry key to launch NAL instead of a bundle which I do. Does anyone know
the value. The example seems to be incomplete. here is what is in the

Configure NALWIN in the Run section of the registry
(HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Ru n)

Currently my bundle does this. it is set to launch at the zenworks login.
Although it works most of the time sometimes it does not and sometimes it
can take up to ten minutes. very random. all of the computers are win7 64
sp1. I am actually more interested in launch consistency than login speed. I
have the bundle assigned to a group that all of the devices reside in.

command: %zenworks_home%\bin\NalWin.exe
command line param: /S /C="Zen Apps"
working dir. %zenworks_home%\bin