Converting from Netware 6.5 to SLES/OES. We really do not want to migrate our servers over as we have had one to many cooks in the kitchen and the eDirectory and file structure is not very clean. Very confused, even after going through some Novell self training manuals. Do we need OES? What version of SLES and OES play nice together?

Our environment consists of about 2000 devices, mostly XP but a fair amount of Windows 7 machines. Our users are broken into two organizational units, one for our high school and one for our junior high. Each OU has users broken into teachers and student groups. Obviously, teachers have more authority and storage space than students. Students profile are based on some of the classes they take that need some special privileges. We have it structured now that only one application is pushed to the students or teacher desktop. Only thing we really do is script to map drives for storage and push down app to direct traffic to our Internet filter. We do not use anything like Groupwise, iFolder, or iPrint at this time.

Getting close to crunch time and need to figure out not only server configuration, but what client software to put on our workstation. Any help, guidance, or direction would be greatly appreciated.