I started the download for ZCM 11.2.1 last week, but for 2 days it stayed at 0% downloaded. I checked and found that there wasn't any disk space left (didn't say anything on the webpage, but errored in the logs). I used ZCM to clean out the old 10.2 & 10.3 downloads, and then waited another day and it still was stuck at 0%. So I canceled the download and tried to re-download. Now I am stuck and can't download or deploy 11.2.1. The message I'm getting when I try to download 11.2.1 is:

Note: Update for ZENworks 11 SP2 (11.2.1) - This update has already been downloaded and is ready to be deployed.

The "Available System Updates" section is showing

Update for ZENworks 11 SP2 (11.2.1) Jul 2, 2012 Canceling Mandatory All Devices

I guess my question is this: If I delete the update, and then Check For Updates again, will it come up again so that I can re-download it, or is it flagged on deletion to not show up again? If it is flagged, how can I get around deleting it and re-download the update?