I am really struggling to get ZCM 11 SP2.1 working in a VDI (Vmware View)
Win 7 64-Bit, View 5 OR 4.6 (does not matter), ZCM 11.2.1, PCoIP

ZCM just does not authenticate the user. The credentials are NOT passed on.
No seamless login, the user has to do an extra login into ZCM.

What i found so far on information is really poor.

1) The Zenworks 11 SP Upgrade Guide states:

1.18 User Management

ZENworks 11 SP2 enables you to seamlessly log in to ZENworks in a XenDesktop
and VDI

2) The Zenworks 11 SP2 User Source and Authentication Reference states:

7.3 Network Credential Manager

ZENworks Adaptive Agent includes a Network Credential Manager that
supplements ZENworks
Credential Provider wrapper. Network Credential Manager facilitates passive
mode authentication
when users login with any third party credential provider.
Network Credential Manager works with many third party credential providers
including Citrix
XenDesktop and VMware View credential providers.

The same document says a few pages later:

Seamless Authentication fails on a Windows 7 virtual device

Explanation: If both ZENworks Adaptive Agent and VMWare View agent are
installed on a
Windows 7 virtual device that is provisioned in a VMWare VDI environment,
then seamless login to ZENworks fails on the device.

Action: Use the ZENworks icon to log in to ZENworks.

Come on, this must be a joke...

3) The thread at http://communities.vmware.com/message/1999384
mentions that Novell "fully supports View 4.6 and View 5.x is not

Well, even with View 4.6 the authentication over PCoIP does not work. I
wouldn't call it 'fully supported'.

Form reading this post i get the impression it is VMwares fault. The View
Agent does not correctly utilize the new Windows API for Win 7.

4) The thread at
says (Jan 2012) that Zenworks SP2 will pick up the credentials from a
third-party credential provider.

Obviously not correct.

5) There are numerous other post with the same issue.

Which just means that currently there is no way to get a decent VDI
environment working with ZCM and View. Really poor for Q3 2012.

Simple question:

Is there an unsupported way to get this working? Because the 'new' Network
Credential Manager in ZCM 11 SP2 is ****. (=does not work, despite being
mentioned in every documentation and announcment for several months)

Or is VMware to blame and all View Agents are ****. (at least the PCoIP


PS: BTW, without PCoIP and just RDP everything works quite fine. Login with
View client, ZCM picks the credentials and the Novell client does a
PassiveModeLogin with scripts as well.