I'm running GroupWise 8.0.2 HP2 on SLES 10 SP3 OES2 SP3 server. There is one single user in my POA that is getting an F03E error when the quickfinder indexing job tries to run nightly, or when I try to manually run it on that specific user. When I looked up the error in documentation I am directed towards a F0xx Memory error solution which says to free up memory and exit and restart the client. I'm 100% sure that this is unrelated because my indexing job runs nightly on the server and the user's computer is powered off. Other postings in the forums have suggested to rebuild the entire quickfinder database but I am extremely reluctant to doing this for a single user. A couple of years ago I experienced a QFIndex corruption and had to rebuild the index and it took about 2 weeks to rebuild it and I had everyone in management upset with me that their search was not working for that time, since it was mostly managers that had the most messages that needed indexing... and even if I did this I have read that there is no guarantee to fix that single mailbox that is having the issue.

Is there anything that I can do like a GWCheck with certain options selected that won't delete the contents of the existing mailbox but will do more than just the "Fix and Repair" option which didn't resolve my issue. Rebuilding my entire index for a single non-manager seems a bit extreme especially when there is no guarantee of it working afterwards and the user hasn't noticed or complained, I just noticed that they have over 90000 non-indexed items when I looked at POA logs. Thanks for any options that you may have that can help out.