I'm running zcm, in the past week all imaging is failing. I even ran all the updates to my server. We also downloaded the new texura driver as well.
We even built new very basic XP image and pushed to server. Placed image on another box and all it does is boot to a black screen with a prompt.
If I try to multicast from the newly built XP image I get an error on the client that says "encounter a bad control data during image restoration"
Everyone on the Novell list serve has tried to help but we have completely run out of options. They suggested to post problem here and maybe Shaun Pond might have a solution. We would open an SR but with our school funds we don't have $1000 laying around to open one.
We're in desperate need of help. I've been using zen since 3.2, but 11.2 is causing nightmares. I have labs that need to be imaged before school starts and we're getting nowhere

Jim Pearce