I confess I have neither read the preboot documentation yet or thoroughly searched the forum for the answer to my question. Of this because mgmt is pushing, pushing, pushing for results. You know how it is.

Here's the deal: Mgmt wants to avoid device-associated application bundles (things like MS Office that go to every device) from installing after the new PCs are delivered to the users. My dilemma: Is it possible to prepare a model PC with the ZENagent, install common app bundles, unregister and remove GUID info specific to the PC, and then make a usable image AND the apps just start up because they've already installed?

A smart contractor who helped with our ZCM installation responded...

Re-packaging the image would make the deployment of the PC's easier on you. To use the pre-load idea, you will still follow the (image prep) instructions, but will need to alter the order a bit. Because a reboot would be needed to have ZCM seed the apps into the reference PC, you will need to first disable the ZISwin portion of the agent. Just prevent ZISwin from running, let the apps seed in, then do the GUID removal.

I have never used ZENworks of any version in this manner before, so do be sure to test to ensure the idea actually works. What I wonder about is if the system re-deploys the apps because the GUID is getting recreated and the file system is getting repopulated with the new GUID. If ZCM ends up re-installing the app due to the GUID change, then there is no reason to have it pre-seed the app into the reference machine.

I appreciate when you share your experience, strength and hope! Doses of reality are also helpful.