Along with vSphere, you also get VMware editions of SLES, but the
question has been, "can the VMware editions of SLES be used for OES"

I had a client play with this combination that came to light to me
after trying to get his Novell code for SLES to work with it. To avoid
future troubles I burned an SR as I couldn't find a hard answer where
every I looked, so time to share.

At least for OES11, it is fully supported on the VMware edition of
SLES 11 sp1 64-bit, BUT if you have SLES specific issues you have to
go through VMware support to get support at that level.

So yes OES11 on SLES-11-SP1-for-VMware and be fully supported even if
that support has you going two different ways.

I haven't sorted out having the patches all flow because we are at the
stage we can flush this box and start clean.

Andy Konecny in Toronto
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