On 8.0.3, I have a gwia segfault in libsvrtk after running for about a week. Both GWIA servers at exactly the same time. I have set ulimit -c unlimited in the grpwise scripts so hopefully will get a core next time.

These servers run the domain MTA, GWIA, and Webaccess. No PO. A load balancer directs incoming traffic (pop,imap,webaccess) to them.

The servers were recently upgraded from 8.0.2HP3 and also the platform went from sles10sp2 (32bit, single processor) to sles11sp1 (64bit, dual processor), both under VMWare.

I don't see any such segfault before 8.0.3, but that may be because they regularly restarted grpwise owing to the gwia's getting stuck at 100% utilisation, possibly because of IMAP. This situation continued after the upgrade so I set imap read limit to 1 (i.e. 1000 msgs) in ConsoleOne, and also set --imapreadnew in the gwia.cfg. Since then, no more utilisation issues, but have the gwia crash after about a week of uptime.

If anyone has any hint, thanks for the advice. Otherwise I will wait for the core and open SR.

I see one other message in about a segfault in libsvrtk in the 2012 forum.