We have the following problem
I have a Citrix ( Before kaviza ) Vdi-in-a-box server installed on a hypervisor Vsphere 5.0
I create a base image with a ZCM agent
Followed these steps.
zac cc (Clears Zen Cache)
zac fsg d (Clears Zen GUID info.)
Delete the following files C:\Program Files\Novell\Zenworks\Conf
Devicedata ( delete devicedata.sav )
Deviceguid ( delete deviceguid.sav )
Ziswin, clear ISD and save

After that i deployed 20 Vdi workstations ( Windows 7 ) ( ZCM11.2 )
al workstation have still the same device name ( WIN7-ZCM01 )
Does anyone any idea to resolve this problem.