I am still on an old unupdated zenworks infrastructure that will not get updated due to the powers that be and yet I still have to image newer PC`s

When the 790 came out I managed to get hold of an updated Imaging Boot CD, I think it was SPOND who gave me the link, since then I have had to fudge my imaging by having 2 boot folders on ZENworks\share\tftp\boot one for my older images and using PXE boot to my bespoke menu system the other has files from the newer boot cd (bcd, initrd, linux, root) and manually imaging via z_maint.cfg

We have now recieved a newer Dell 7010 than will not image and I need an updated boot cd or updated (bcd, initrd, linux, root) files. I have looked in downloads but find no link to boot or imaging files in the zenworks section.

Does anyone have a link please.