hello -

using sles10-sp3 / oes2-sp3 / ncs / netapp san

we made the mistake of expanding a nss device (cluster resource) larger than 2tb (2.1tb) and now want to migrate the data to another cluster resource under the 2tb limit (device anyway), since imanager won't let us expand the pool. miggui is proving to be INCREDIBLY slow with trustees, so we are looking at mirroring. 1.5tb of data and about 320 users.

the original resource has 2 partitions - the original and one that we used to some space a while back. the device shows the added space, but it's new partition is listed as "sdl_freespace1" and not really being used. this is the newly added netapp space.

some questions:

- are we in danger of losing data or not being able to mount/load original pool/volume since device is over 2tb? have heard different opinions.

- if we chose to mirror to new resource, which only has one partition (1.95tb), can that be accomplished since the original has two?

- if so, how?

- if not, what are options?