I have been working on a staff laptop build which incorporates wireless logins via 801.1x on our campus network. I have set up the laptops to have two Novell profiles (wireless and cabled) and computer only login.

In an ideal world I'd have liked to have a single Novell login screen presented to the user where the client attempts to login firstly over WiFi, before falling back to a cabled connection and if no network connections are present a computer only login would automatically occur.

I noticed the feature I've been waiting for has recently appeared in Novell Client SP2 IR4 for Windows 7 - Computer Only Logon If Not Connected.

The problem is the Novell client doesn't seem to recognise the WiFi connection as an active network, possible because the user details from the login screen are required to connect to the wireless.

Is there any way to achieve what I'm looking for with the current setup?