We just began upgrading our ZCM environment from 10.3.1 to 11.2.1.

I have one machine (Windows 7 64Bit) that updated to 11.2 fine, however it showed that the update to 11.2.1 failed. In his agent, the ZENworks Adaptive Agent version shows 11.2.0.xxxx and the Agent features that the bottom all show 11.2.1.xxxx. I reassigned the 11.2.1 update to see if I could get it to kick off again and finish where it failed, however it is still showing Update Assigned status.

I ran a zac zeninfo on his computer and the system update logs show this:

The updates-inprocess file is empty.

How can I get ZCM to see that update GUID 5011020100fc50000000002012063009 needs to be installed, or is already installed?