Hello Everyone,

Has anyone come across an issue where the ZAC agent service fails to load when the workstation is turned on for the first time? This causes the user to have no Icons on the desktop and forces them to reboot the workstation. Upon reboot the icon's appear.

The issue happens at random. So far only a couple people have reported the issue.

I noticed that if I see the issue that trying to right click on the Agent icon on the system tray gives an error "Zenservices not running". I might be off on the exact error message.

I have seen this issue but have not been able to reproduce it. I also haven't captured a "zac zeninfo" yet.

My environment:
- Workstations: windows 7 x64 (patched and no firewall)
- Servers: 3 ZEN server windows 2008 r2 (No Firewall)
- ZCM version 11.2.1

I have not checked switch gear for port errors yet. I will gather this info later today.