Good morning my customer is reporting the following,

To clarify a bit further there are two, possibly related, issues:

1. Login script shows 8836 error and map commands return "drive not defined." In this instance the drives actually map and show up in Windows Explorer (we have been going back and forth with it being either a MAP command, or something with the Login script)
2. Login script apparently processes OK but then the user has no drives listed in Windows Explorer. A login from the Novell systray icon will map them OK. When they are missing in some cases you can access them from the command line and/or from other programs but not through explorer.

Right now we are most concerned with issue number two. Again, they may be related but I am not absolutely sure at this point, so I think we should focus on issue #2. We have a few systems that are having the problem consistently where others are not."

If anyone can shed some light on what might be happening with Windows 7 and Drive Mappings that would be very helpful, since this is starting to become a higher priority with our switching over from XP to Windows 7