I have a laptop with an image I created from scratch and I want to save the image using the tuxera driver. Unfortunately when I go to save this image it uploads in 5 seconds and creates an unusable 17mb image. I am able to save the image using the legacy -ntfs switch and I am able to use the Tuxera driver to save other images.

The problem does not follow the image. I can download the image, taken with legacy, to another laptop and then save it using the Tuxera. But the resulting image has problems such as needing a repair to the boot manager once the image is brought down to another laptop.

What could be the issue with this particular laptop that causes this?

What is the effect of saving an image once with legacy then later with tuxera, or vice versa?

Do the different drivers put something on the image file which may then conflict with the other?http://forums.novell.com/images/smilies/confused.png