Today I discovered something that is rather handy, but I think it might be a bug. So before I tell all our staff about it, I wanted to check to see if it is a bug, or a new feature.

The issue: We have a number of external entity email accounts that have our business name as the first name, and the department as the last name. This is done so that the sending display name shows correctly to recipients. The problem with this though, is that when entering the name into the to field for internal messages, staff need to write the full business name followed by the beginning of the last name for name completion to give us the desired account.

Now we could just change it so that we have name competion work on Last Name then first name, but that would then mean that when writing to staff, we would have to write their last name first (if we knew it). Ideally we would like to be able to have name completion to work if you type their first name first, OR their last name first.

That's where I have either found a bug, or a new feature. On the web client under Options, settings, general, you can tick: Enable Last, First name sort order
When this is ticked, under the web client name completion will only work last name then first name. HOWEVER, under the windows client, when this setting has been ticked on the web client, Name completion works last name first, AND first name first (for addresses in our Novell address book only I might add). Pretty much what we are after (though for all address books).

My question/s: Is this a bug (I think it is)?
Can it be made a feature (but for all address books)?