I have one single user out of a batch of 20 that cannot print to a Canon IR3235 copier from GroupWise and I'm having trouble figuring out why. When I say that he can't print from GroupWise via iPrint printer it is that he can't print any email messages but any attachments will successfully print. I've upgraded his iPrint client to 5.82 (for Win 7 Pro x86), and I can successfully print test pages to the same printer from within Windows, and we can print from every other application to that same printer.

We can print GroupWise messages to his other printer which is a direct IP printer for his system, but that is a "print shop" printer and it is not a long term solution for printing.

When I click print I usually see the Windows printer icon appear in the tray area followed by the message from iPrint saying that the print job was sent successfully. When I print a message from GroupWise I never see the Windows icon in the first place. Any ideas what I should be looking for to find out why this isn't going through correctly?