I'm trying to use personality migration for my the first time with a new batch of computers that we are deploying this year and am running into some strange behavioral issues. In the migration process I am selecting to only migrate the system's primary user, Desktop Icons, Folder Options, Fonts, and all applications which in my case are Adobe products, Microsoft Office Products, Firefox and GW Messenger.

The first issue that I've found is that in migrating from XP to Win 7 Enterprise x64 is that when we import the Desktop icons folder it makes that profile's desktop unviewable, as a result we are manually copying the desktop folder from the XP system to the Win 7 system. If we go from an identical Win7 system we don't seem to be having the problem.

The next issue is with Firefox. Migration does not appear to copy bookmarks over, and after manually importing them after migration has been completed, they will disappear at random causing us to have to reimport them again, only to disappear at random again. Also, we've experienced Font issues between various applications not displaying the correct default font or honoring the application's internal font settings. A resolution to both of these issues has been to delete the user's profile and let DLU recreate the default settings and manually copy the settings from the XP system to Win 7.

Most of these issues seem to be related to migrating from XP to 7 so I'm not sure if it is a OS compatibility issue or if we just haven't tested on enough Win 7 to Win 7 migrations to notice any of these issues. Has anyone else experienced these or know if they are true bugs or have a work around? Thanks!