ZCM 11.2, fully patched with latest July updates. Am able to multicast by pxe manually booting workstation, img multicast, takes session name fine. If I use a workstation as the master, imaging works fine. If I use zen imaging server with zmgcast, all workstations will receive a session number but never start, time and client triggers never seem to kick in. Have tested with 2 machines set to 2 clients and 2 minutes, both get session but never start. Also notice that if i check zmgcast -list, the number of workstation starts at say 25/25, but will decrease by one or two every few seconds, say to 23/25, then 21/25, so the session seems to be dropping clients. This is not an infrastructure issue as site has been operational since zen 7 with imaging, worked fine in 10 and 11 until latest update. All help appreciated, Dana