When I moved the majority of my Netware 6 servers to OES-NW last year, I started using iManager to handle admin duties for DNS and DHCP.

With a planned move to OES-L coming up, I tried accessing both services using the DNS/DHCP java console.

While I am able to log into that console, I am unable to see my DNS/DHCP server or any of the expected components for either service (DHCP pools, zone records, etc...).

I have tried both the console that is installable from the server and the newer LDAP-based version.
I have tried both 32 and 64-bit versions on XP and Windows 7, respectively.

Since I want to move those services to OES/Linux and the java console is the only mechanism that can administrate the services on that platform, I am perplexed.
My needs are simple, and I could easily move those duties to a SUSE server or even a Windows server, but that is not my preference.

Any ideas on where to begin troubleshooting are welcome.