We currently use both Storage manager and Dynamic Storage.

Storage Manager currently looks after our users home directories.

We then also have a number of areas where different teams etc store their files, and access is controlled through eDir.

All of our data is currently stored on a nss share called Data_1, with a shadow to Data_2. We then have a policy that anything that has not been modified for two years or more to move from DATA_1 to Data_2.

We however would like to be able to implement a tertiary storage area. Primary storage would be Data_1, Anything older than 2 Years but less than 3 goes to Data_2, and then anything older than 3 years goes to Data_3. I would be wanting this done in such a way that it is fully automated, and users don't know any different, they just access the file regardless of the age directly.

I know that with Dynamic Storage we can have a primary and secondary storage (currently implemented), but I don't think we can configure it up to have a third level (without breaking things). Could I use Storage Manager to be able to do what I am wanting, or is there a better way to achieve this setup?