I've been in the process of deploying new computers with Windows 7 Enterprise x64 and a few different IRs of Novell Client 2 SP2. When I set up a user with a new computer I've been expanding the Documents library within Windows, right-clicking the My Documents folder within the library, and changing the location of the My Documents folder to the drive letter designation of the user's home directory, for example H:\.

Recently, I've had to go into the network home drive root to package a terminated employee's personal drive and I've noticed that quite a few of my home directory folders are appearing as "My Documents" but if I look at the folder tree structure in ConsoleOne or iManager they still show as the person's login name like they're supposed to. I'm concerned about the difficulty of managing the list in the future after I get more employees using Windows 7 and the entire list of users directories will say "My Documents" instead of the individual user names. Is this a known bug or is there a way to get my Windows Explorer view of the home directory folders to revert back to the user's name instead of showing My Documents? Thanks!