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Thread: Let SLES host DNS or let OES host DNS?

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    Let SLES host DNS or let OES host DNS?

    I've been running Netware/OES since 1998 and I have never used the eDirectory integrated DNS or DHCP. I've always had a Linux box sitting around serving as a sort of DNS/DHCP appliance with little to no management overhead. Now, our company is growing and we're setting up remote offices here in the US and in China that will run their own local SLES/OES servers (virtualized on vSphere). So I am starting to wonder whether or not I should move towards the integrated DNS/DHCP or continue with my Master/Slave Linux (Ubuntu) setup.

    Are there any technical advantages to using the eDirectory integrated setup or is it more of a preference?

    As always, thanks for your input.

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