ZCm 11.2.1 on MS sql2k8. WS Win7 sp1 64 bit. Latest Agent on all
systems. Computers did not have agent installed on image. agent installed
after system has booted. So I looked into ZCM and I have about 4000 of these
messages that are duplicated multiple times over a lot of systems in the
same location. I have not had any issues on the computer side. DLU is
working properly as are the policies. So I am wondering if this is just

In the last two weeks I have setup about 350 systems at a location. This is
my first major rollout at one of my schools. below are the two errors that
keep repeating on about a dozen computers.

POLICYHANDLERS.CommonClasses.UnknownApplyPoliciesF ailure{Dynamic Local User
Policy Admin(1)}

The action dlu policy (ID:dlu policy) failed due to the reason :
failedToEnforcePolicy, however the action is set to continue on failure.