Hello All,

I am running GW 8.0.2 Hot Patch 3, using SOAP schema 1.04.

When I attempt to process a message, that contains only a plain text body with a size (in bytes) of 64,382 - the following sizes are reported by objects extracted from GroupWise, via SOAP calls:

Message Size: 71,425 (should be bigger than the plain text body).
Message Part [0] length: 70,854 - no idea where this value comes from

In the getAttachmentResponse object, the part has:
length: 87,772 - Which matches the Base64 encoded length, plus padding, of the plain text.

The actual size of the plain text (on disk): 64,382

I am hoping to use the HTTP GET method for extracting the large plain text object, which means that I will not have access to the getAttachmentResponse object.

So my question is, based on the MessageBody, MessagePart[0] length of 70,854 - is there a formula, or other way to determine the correct expected byte size of the plain text object to enable me to verify that the HTTP GET operation or the SOAP getAttachmentRequest completed correctly?

Dave Stiller.