I have very strange issue with OpenSLP in OES11
The DA never starts and never creates the backup file. It insists that it runs as an client and completely ignores the
"net.slp.isDA = true" line.
I must be something I'm doing because it does this on two different servers (both OES11)

I have trimmed the slp.conf down to the bare minimum for a DA
net.slp.isDA = true
net.slp.useScopes = OURSCOPE
net.slp.dasyncreg = true
slp.DAaddresses =
net.slp.DABackupInterval = 900
net.slp.DASyncReg = true
net.slp.interfaces =

The resulting log is
Mon Aug 13 09:32:38 2012
SLPD daemon started
Command line = /usr/sbin/slpd
Using configuration file = /etc/slp.conf
Using registration file = /etc/slp.reg
Using SPI file = /etc/slp.spi
Listening on loopback...
Listening on ...
Multicast socket on ready
SLPv1 Service Location General Multicast socket on ready
Unicast socket on ready
Broadcast socket for ready
Agent Interfaces =
Agent URL = service:service-agent://
Startup complete entering main run loop ...