I no longer see the user quotas in iManager or C1 in NSM 2.5 following the mig of our file servers from Netware to OES2. We had Volume quotas and User Quotas in NetWare in the past but when we miged over to OES2 NSS it seems we lost all our quotas on the volumes and the users. I did a backfill and reapplied all the quotas to the users and now I see them well in NSM with the proper rights and quotas. The problem is in C1 or iManager I do not see any application of the quotas. The user quotas on the volume in iManager shows no user quotas and in C1 on the users directory in FACT I see no restriction on the user. What's up with that? I also have users that say they are getting space restriction popups but my NSM says they have 4G free. What am I missing?