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Thread: Find/Search in caching mode

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    Find/Search in caching mode

    It seems as though the search feature is a very fragile thing. My users use it extensively, and I cringe when I hear that it doesn't work. There does not seem to be a good way to correct the problem. It will sometimes be corrected with a gwcheck. There are other times that a gwcheck on the online mailbox, and the caching mailbox works. Other times it requires a complete deletion of the caching box, and rebuild of the caching folder. THEN there the times that no matter what is done it can't be corrected. I am at my wits end with this issue. I have opened a lot of tickets with Novell support, and they don't have much success either.

    And for crying out loud why does groupwise only index 500 emails per login if you delete the index file.

    My users are very bad about filing their emails, and can have several thousand emails in the mailboxes.

    So has anyone experienced this type of problem and what have you been able to do to correct the problem.
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