I want to export Groupwise e-mail saved on an offsite computer using Groupwise to an onsite computer using MS Outlook 2007 so word searches can be performed via Outlook. I have downloaded a copy of Groupwise client and plan to install it the onsite computer running both Outlook and the Groupwise client. My research is that Groupwise can export to Outlook as long as both softwares are loaded on the same computer. Can this actually be done and can the Groupwise client do it? Also, does the Groupwise client software have to be a specific version in order to export to Outlook 2007? I am extremely new to Groupwise and need as much assistance as possible. Any necessary settings or parameters would be appreciated.

The computer with Groupwise installed will be accessed via VPN or SFTP. What files will I need to download from that computer in order to be able to export to Outlook?
I need to do it this way. I've read on the forums that it is possible to export to *.pst so I'm hoping for explanations regarding this procedure.